Reliable, reusable masks that will shield you from workplace heat hazards. This fire-resistant mask defends well against heat hazards such as flash fires and sudden flames. An anti-bacterial inner layer makes it suitable for blocking microbial hazards.
Product Info:
• Made of Nomex IIIA fabric, renowned for its comfort, fire resistant and moisture wicking properties.
• Available in four colours.
• Suitable for utilities, manufacturing, oil & gas and chemical industrial work.
Notes for use:
• Wash your mask frequently to ensure that no greases, oily soils or other flammable contaminants are present during use.
• Ensure that the FR masks are clean and in proper condition before each wearing.
• Retire any mask with visible holes, rips, and/or tears or contamination from flammable materials.
• Destroy retired masks so that they cannot be re-used.


400WSRNMXGY2PWORKSafe® FR MaskGrey-Piece
400WSRNMXOR2PWORKSafe® FR Maskorange-Piece
400WSRNMXRD2PWORKSafe® FR Maskred-Piece
400WSRNMXRB2PWORKSafe® FR Maskroyal-blue-Piece
400WSRNMXNB2PWORKSafe® FR Masknavy-blue-Piece